How do I know what nail art falls under what category?

- If you go on my 'Designs' section there are examples! If you have a question about a specific design feel free to DM/email me!

Do I have to know what I want before I come?

- Ideally you need to have some idea as you need to make sure you book the correct level of nail art (its a different appointment length)! If you want me to design something for you let me know in advance, also feel free to send me Inspo/vibes that you like!

Can I come with a friend?

- Yes!

Can I bring my pet?


I cant find a time that suits me to book - what do I do?

- Message me and I might have some extra time!

What brand of products do you use?

- I use The Gel Bottle which is a Vegan and odourless brand!

What is builder gel?

- Builder gel allows you to grow your natural nails by making the nail stronger. A layer underneath the manicure helps make it last longer!

How long would you reccommend between appointments?

- 3 weeks is perfect, but anything in-between 2-4 weeks.

How far in advance do you recommend booking?

- Saturdays and evenings go very quickly so I would reccomend 2 weeks to ensure I have a space (if its closer to the time don't hesitate to message me anyway!)! But if you can do daytime appointments in the week 1-2 weeks is great! 

Do you do house calls or only work in your studio?

- Usually I only do appointments in my studio (Hackney Central) however if there is a group of you for a party/evening/event then I can come to you for a call out fee! Get in contact to find out more!

Do you do manicures for guys?

Yeh - manicures can be for anyone! I love guys with nail art! Anyones welcome!

Tips for making your manicure last longer?

Make sure you wear gloves for washing up!! When the nails have been soaked in water they are at their weakest - so bashing them around in water is the worst. Make sure you moisturise and oil your cuticles regular. Especially at the moment with so much hand washing it can dry out your nails causing your gels to damage quicker.

Can I get my nais done if they're bitten down?

Yes, however gels might not last as long on bitten nails.

I can help with your bitten nails though - this will involve getting them done pretty regularly!


Also, feel free to come to me with extensions on already.